Schedule yourself for three 2-hour classes of larger canvases at your location for private lessons. The paintings below are original paintings by Sabrina.

Contact Sabrina directly to schedule your private art lessons at


Darkness Before the Lightscreen-shot-2016-10-09-at-10-14-27-am

An original painting of Sabrina’s, this beautiful piece includes elements of glitter and watercolor-like technique per the background.

Canvas size: 36 x 48

Price: $280







Motions in My Mind

Another original piece. Sponging technique used for the background.

Canvas size: 36 x 48

Price: $270









Buddha I Can Call My Own


A classic look with a fabulous accent. Color melting technique used for background.

Canvas size: 36 x 48

Price: $300








Interested in private lessons of your own creation or one not listed? Acrylic paint can be very versatile and used in many techniques. Learn these techniques to create your very own masterpiece. 

Learn techniques and use them on your larger painting. For $45/hr, you can have 1:1 time to expand your skill set and create your own style.

Contact Sabrina to learn more. If you have a painting in mind, send it along with an email at

**all supplies included**