In this policy:

  • “You” means the person accessing or using the website and “your” has a corresponding meaning.
  • “We” means Sabrina’s Art Studio, LLC. “Our” and “us” have a corresponding meanings.
  • ¬†We reserve the right to change and/or modify all or any part of this policy at any time and without notice.
  • By registering for a session at Sabrina’s Art Studio, LLC, you agree and consent to us collecting your contact information (name, email, phone numbers, etc.) as a way to communicate with you regarding the session registration and any upcoming events or promotions.
  • We do not share or use this information in any other way or with any outside parties.
  • Also, by registering and attending a session with us, you consent to pictures being taken of you during the class and for them to be used for promotions or advertising of the business (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc).
  • Sabrina’s Art Studio, LLC website is a secure site and all online payments are processed by a secure bank approved system (Paypal). We do not keep your credit card details.